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Unsolicited email has become a major problem that can no longer be ignored. Spam rates continue to rise (see table to the right). Too much time is spent sifting through in boxes looking for potential legitimate email and deleting all the unwanted SPAM.

The recent CAN-SPAM Act has done little to deter spam. "The CAN-SPAM Act appears to have had little immediate effect on the amount of unwanted email offers," said Andrew Lochart, Director of Product Marketing for Postini. "Current Internet technology allows spammers to hide their identity, such that spam can only be fought through a combination of technology and laws."

Our laws can do little to regulate SPAM coming from other countries, so the best possible solution is sophisticated filtering technology. We implement the latest technology to filter your email so you don't have to. Enjoy the following benefits with our SPAM filter:

  • Self-Controlled Email Filtering. You control how aggressive your filtering is and who can and can't send you email. Configure specific emails to always be filtered or never filtered. You have control!
  • Web Based Management
  • Review emails that have been filtered out at any time.

Percentages of Total Internet
Email Identified as Spam
January 2004 79%
December 2003 80%
November 2003 56%
October 2003 52%
September 2003 54%
August 2003 50%
July 2003 50%
June 2003 49%
May 2003 48%
April 2003 46%
March 2003 45%
February 2003 42%
Source: Brightmail & Postini

SPAM: unsolicited email, the use of the term comes from a Monty Python skit where a group began chanting "spam, spam, spam, spam", drowning out all conversation.

Spam Categories
Percentage Category Description
22% PRODUCTS Email attacks offering or advertising general goods and services Examples: Devices, Investigation services, Clothing, Makeup
20% FINANCIAL Email attacks that contain references or offers related to money, the stock market or other financial "opportunities." Examples: Investments, Credit reports, Real estate, Loans
17% ADULT Email attacks containing or referring to products or services intended for persons above the age of 18, often offensive or inappropriate. Examples: Porn, Personal Ads, Relationship advice
8% SCAMS Email attacks recognized as fraudulent, intentionally misguiding, or known to result in fraudulent activity on the part of the sender Examples: Nigerian investment, Pyramid Schemes, Chain letters
7% HEALTH Email attacks offering or advertising health-related products and Services Examples: Pharmaceuticals, Medical treatments, Herbal remedies
6% LEISURE Email attacks offering or advertising prizes, awards, or discounted leisure activities Examples: Vacation offers, Online casinos, Games
5% INTERNET Email attacks specifically offering or advertising Internet or computer related goods and services Examples: Web hosting, Web design, Spamware
4% FRAUD Email attacks that appear to be from a well-known company, but are not. Also known as "brand spoofing" or "phishing", these messages are often used to trick users into revealing personal information such as email address, financial information and passwords. Examples: Account notification, Credit card verification, Billing updates
2% POLITICAL Messages advertising a political candidate's campaign, offers to donate money to a political party or political cause, offers for products related to a political figure/campaign, etc. Examples: Political party, Elections, Donations
2% SPIRITUAL Email attacks with information pertaining to religious or spiritual evangelization and/or services Examples: Psychics, Astrology, Organized religion, Outreach
7% OTHER Emails attacks not pertaining to any other category
Source: Brightmail

Please use the phone numbers below to contact us:

Flagstaff 928 527-0942
Verde Valley 928 496-1197
Grand Canyon 928 437-1597
Phoenix 623 505-0205
Toll Free 877-398-6316

Please write this information in your notes in the event that you need to reach us.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


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